"Can you give me a discount?" 

As King of Shop is run by a group of volunteers, we do not offer discounts on singular or multiple purchases, shipping, sale prices or bulk orders.
Please do not ask, as refusal can often offend and we like to keep a happy medium with our customers.

"Do you ship to my country?"

King of Shop currently ships to most countries around the world. We do not currently ship to Peru or Russia. 

"Why do you ship only on Saturdays?"

All the staff at King of Shop are volunteers and have all a day time jobs. Therefore, we are trying our best to ship all items when possible which is mostly on Saturdays (except holidays or special event as Bank Holidays). All orders done before Fridays 4.30pm GMT will be shipped on Saturdays.

"Can you let me know when my order will arrive?"

As King of Shop is shipping worldwide, it is impossible to give an exact day of delivery. We recommend that all order will take 15 working days to come to you from the date indicated on the confirmation email that you will/have received within 48hrs after your order online.

"I don't know what size T-shirt I should get; Can you help?"

King of Shop is supplied by the official Michael Jackson provider "Bravado". Here their Sizes Chart which can help you to find the perfect size:

Sizes may vary depending on the factory of production from Bravado.

"Can I track my order?"

In order to keep costs down for you, as a standard option we do not offer traceable posting options. If you would like us to send it via this method, please contact us AFTER you have placed your order so we can inform you of the additional costs required for this service.

"I really want an item but it is no longer available, can I try to get it with you?"

King of Shop is constantly trying to get new and vintage merchandise. All our stock is checked weekly and updated live on our website. It can happen that King of Shop re-order new Official Merchandise on demand. As for Vintage items, King of Shop always watch out for items and it can happen the item you are looking for will be back in stock at some point. If you wish to check any items with us, please email us at manager@mjvibe.com

"Do you buy Michael Jackson merchandise from fans?"

King of Shop occasionally buy collections from fans or general public. Before contacting us, please be sure all items are in good condition, complete and Official. Photos and prices will be asked. If you are abroad, the cost of shipping the items to King of Shop will be at your charge. If you request more information, please contact us at manager@mjvibe.com – Your details will be kept private and King of Shop always find good home for collectors!

"Can you give me Sponsorship or Prizes for my events?"

On occasion, King of Shop donates prizes and official merchandise to Michael Jackson fan events. The King of Shop team follow information on all current and future events and approach those that we'd like to make a contribution to. We do not accept unsolicited requests for Prizes or Merchandise.

"Do you attend fan events?"

King of Shop have attended many events to supply attendees with Merchandise. If you would like us to attend your event to sell merchandise please email us at manager@mjvibe.com . Please note, due to our location we are only able to accept invitations to UK and European events.

"Why Should I shop at King of Shop?"

King of Shop is offering a service to Michael Jackson fans and all our staff are volunteers. Our aim is to offer Official Michael Jackson Merchandise at little price! Your support by ordering at King of Shop will give us the opportunity to offer new Official products and events. Also, the bigger we are, the cheaper we can get! So don’t hesitate to tell your friends and Family about King of Shop!

"Do you have a fan club?"

King of Shop is part of MJVibe. You can find more information, competitions, News and much more at MJVibe.com