Issue 17 - They Don't Care About Us

Issue 17 - They Don't Care About Us

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All I wanna say is that THEY DON’T REALLY CARE ABOUT US!! Iconic is going political! Find out the meaning of the song and it’s repercussion around the world!

Highlights for Issue 17 :

– Exclusive Interview with Spike Lee
– Exclusive Interview with John Isaac

Also Featured:

– He is Here to Change The World
– The Difficulties encountered filming in the Favela
–  Being a colour
– Step by Step of the Drill
– Olodum, The Rise of the Afro-Brazilian Group
– The Jacksonian’s Secret Santa (Back by popular demand)

Plus the usual News, Collectors Reference, In The Closet Fashion, 2 A3 Posters and much, much more.